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  • Announcing the Astro Tutorial

    Wrapping up Astro Docs week with our biggest Docs announcement to date: our first Astro Tutorial.
  • Hacktoberfest with Astro Docs

    It’s Astro Docs week! See how we hacked Hacktoberfest to celebrate our awesome contributors this October.
  • Astro 1.5.0 Release

    Introducing: Adapter support for astro preview • Node.js standalone mode • HMR improvements • New API route params
  • Astro @ ViteConf 2022

    See you at ViteConf! We have a ton of speakers from Astro giving talks and appearing on panels, alongside an amazing lineup.
  • Astro 1.4.0 Release

    Introducing: Astro.cookies • Strict dependency installation • Better control over style ordering • JSX in Vue components
  • Storyblok Becomes Astro's Official CMS Partner

    We are happy to announce that Storyblok has become Astro’s exclusive CMS partner, donating $2,500 each month towards the ongoing open source maintenance and development of Astro.
  • Astro Contributor Awards: September 2022 Edition

    Every few months, we distribute 100% of our sponsorship funds for an entire month to the standout members of our community. These awards go to recognize the people who go above and beyond to improve Astro in some way, contributing inside and outside of our community.
  • Astro 1.0

    Astro 1.0 is out now! Astro is a web framework for building fast, content-focused websites. Performance powered by Astro next-gen island architecture. Learn more about Astro 1.0 release, our new website, and what people are saying about Astro.
  • Astro 1.0 Release Update

    Just announced: The Astro v1.0.0 release date has been pushed back to late July.
  • Vercel launches zero-configuration support for Astro

    You can now deploy Astro projects to Vercel with ease.
  • Astro on Netlify Edge Functions

    Announcing support for the new Netlify Edge Functions platform
  • The Astro 1.0 Hackathon is Here

    4 weeks. Fully remote. 3 awesome Astro categories. $15,000 in prizes. What are you waiting for?
  • Introducing The Astro Showcase

    Explore beautiful community websites built with Astro.
  • Astro Contributor Day

    Happy Astro Contributor Day! Who are some of our awesome contributors? Where does Astro's sponsorship 💰 go? How does Astro give back to OSS? Lets get into it!
  • Astro Themes & Integrations

    Introducing: a growing catalog of themes, components, and integrations to jumpstart your next Astro project.
  • Server-Side Rendering with Astro

    Announcing experimental support for server-side rendering in Astro
  • Astro 1.0 Beta Release

    The Astro 1.0 Beta is now available! This release marks the stabilization of all major APIs, with no more major breaking changes planned between now and the official v1.0 release.
  • Astro Beta Launch Week

    incoming transmission // attention space cadets...
  • Astro 0.25 Release Notes

    Introducing: a new integration system • a new "add" command • shiki syntax highlighting • improved CLI build output
  • Astro 0.23 Release Notes

    Introducing: Dynamic file routes • Automatic XSS protection • two new component directives • vite 2.8 • and more!
  • Scaling Astro to 10,000+ Pages

    A new experimental flag in Astro build enables building sites with tens of thousands of pages.
  • Announcing The Astro Technology Company

    The Astro Technology Company has formed to support the Astro open source project and build a better platform for web developers everywhere.
  • Astro 0.21

    Astro v0.21.0 is finally here!
  • Astro 0.21 Preview: Vite + WASM = ⚡️

    Get a sneak preview of what is next for Astro, including our new Vite build engine and WASM-powered Go compiler.
  • Astro Demo Day September Edition

    Astro September Demo Day was today and we had 4 amazing talks, including one with big announcements on the future direction of Astro.
  • Introducing the Astro REPL

    The power of Astro, right in your browser.
  • Netlify Becomes Astro's Official Hosting Partner

    We are happy to announce that Netlify has become Astro’s first corporate sponsor and exclusive hosting partner, donating $2,500 each month towards the ongoing open source maintenance and development of Astro.
  • Astro 0.19

    Introducing: Next.js-inspired dynamic routing • Astro.resolve() • client:only components • translations • and more!
  • Astro 0.18 Release

    Introducing: Responsive partial hydration • Solid.js support • Lit SSR support • Named slots • Global style support • and more!
  • Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript

    We're excited to announce Astro as a new way to build static websites and deliver lightning-fast performance without sacrificing a modern developer experience.