Astro in 100 Seconds

Build faster websites with less client-side Javascript

For a technology built on top of three different languages, the modern web seems to focus an awful lot on JavaScript. We don’t think it has to—and that’s certainly not a revolutionary concept.

We’ll eagerly jump at the chance to sing JavaScript’s praises, but HTML and CSS are pretty great too. There aren’t enough modern tools which reflect that, which is why we're building Astro.

While we’re at it, it’s time to accept that the framework wars won’t have a winner—that’s why Astro lets you use any framework you want (or none at all). And if most sites only have islands of interactivity, shouldn’t our tools optimize for that? We’re not the first to ask the question, but we might be the first with an answer for every framework.

We're hard at work on Astro! Keep your eyes to the skies, astronauts.

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