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Astro Shopify

A starter theme to build headless ecommerce websites using Astro and Shopify.



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Astro Shopify is a powerful and versatile starter template for building a headless storefront using the Shopify API. Made with Astro, Svelte, and Tailwind CSS, this theme template is designed to make it easy for developers to create a beautiful and functional e-commerce website.


  • List your products with a featured collection section that showcases your best-selling or most popular items
  • Product pages with an image gallery, a technical specifications section
  • Shopping cart drawer to update line items and proceed to checkout
  • Product recommendations section using the Shopify API to show related products and upsells

Developer Experience:

  • The theme is built with Svelte to facilitate fast and efficient DOM interactions, but you can use the framework you love (such as Solid, React, or Vue).
  • Based on TypeScript, the data fetched from Shopify is fully typed and is validated at the runtime level thanks to Zod, ensuring that the data is accurate and consistent.
  • The theme also supports the Shopify Storefront GraphQL API, allowing you to implement the features you need and create a customized shopping experience for your customers.
  • Additionally, you can also implement a headless CMS to organize your content, translations, and manage your e-commerce website.
  • The theme is optimized for SEO, providing a great user experience and facilitating the indexing and ranking of your website in search engines.