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Author - A minimal, elegant and dark theme theme built with Astrojs and Talwind CSS for a blog for your personal website



A monochromed dark-themed structured for content creators, featuring areas for blog posts, author profiles, and a mailing list sign-up. The layout is clean and modern, with well-defined sections for text and images, making it suitable for a personal blog or professional portfolio.

The template includes:

  • Pages 34
  • Sections 80+
  • Components 100+

Landing Pages

  • Home

Blog Pages

  • 3x Blog Home
  • 8x Blog Posts
  • Tag Index
  • Tag Category
  • RSS


  • Contact
  • Sing In
  • Sing Up


  • Work Home
  • 4x Work Details


  • All Authors
  • 3x Author Details


  • About

System Pages

  • Color Guide
  • Typography Guide
  • Overview

Info Pages

  • 404
  • DPA
  • Terms
  • Privacy

When you purchase the template you get access to a very permissive license that you can read from here:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out on:

  • Twitter: @Mike_Andreuzza or @lexingtonthemes
  • Email:

Thank you so much for reading and showing interest on this template, if you need more templates, a bundle that includes all the templates, free updates is also offered on Lexington Themes. 

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