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Astrosaas is a template for your next product.

Built with Astro.js

Astro is an all-in-one web framework for building fast, content-focused websites.

Styled with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS works by scanning all of your HTML files, JavaScript components, and any other templates for class names, generating the corresponding styles and then writing them to a static CSS file.

Relived with Alpine.js

Alpine is a rugged, minimal tool for composing behavior directly in your markup. Think of it like jQuery for the modern web. Plop in a script tag and get going.

Keyboard accessible

Everything I build is keyboard accessible, and I meticulously write the markup to deliver the best screenreader experience I can provide.


I tested the template in the latest versions of all browsers to handle lots of edge-cases you might encounter.

Simple deploys

The template is production-ready and easily deployed anywhere that you can deploy a static wbsites, like Vercel, Netlify, GitHub pages, a bounch of options..

Plugins, integrations and stack.

Supreme templates are thoughtfully crafted with the latest Astro, Tailwind and Alpine.js integrations and versions to keep it simple and easy to maintain.


  • Tailwind
  • @astrojs/alpinejs
  • @astrojs/seo
  • @astrojs/image
  • @astrojs/compress
  • @astrojs/sitemap
  • @astrojs/partytown