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Engineering Blog

A template for creating engineering blogs with multiple authors, co-authoring, topics, search, and more.



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This free template serves as a starting point for engineering blogs with multiple contributors. It allows for multiple authors, co-authoring blog posts, search functionality, blog drafts and more.

It has a simplistic design allowing so you can make some minor configuration changes (name, website URL, etc.) and launch it. Or you can choose to make it completely your own.

Here is the full list of features:

✅ Easy configuration

✅ Minimal styling (make it your own!)

✅ 100/100 Lighthouse performance

✅ SEO-friendly with canonical URLs and OpenGraph data

✅ Uses astro:assets for optimized images

✅ Sitemap support

✅ RSS Feed support

✅ Markdown & MDX support

✅ Search functionality

✅ Author system

✅ Multiple authors per post (co-authoring)

✅ Topics

✅ Blog pagination

✅ Blog drafts