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Accessible Astro Starter

An Accessible Starter Theme for Astro 4.0 including accessibility features such as landmarks, better focus-outline, and skip-links navigation. Ships with Tailwind, Prettier, and ESLint support.

Accessible Astro Starter is a ready to use, SEO and a11y friendly blogging theme. It contains plenty of accessible components to build several page types, Tailwind CSS to help you build faster and example pages such as a dynamic Blog, 404, Markdown and MDX. This theme is designed to help you build your project faster and provide a solid base for accessibility!

(Accessibility) Features

  • Astro 4.0
  • Tailwind CSS support
  • Prettier integration with prettier-plugin-astro and prettier-plugin-tailwind
  • ESLint integration with strict accessibility settings for eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
  • Markdown and MDX support with examples included in the theme
  • Uses the awesome astro-icon package for the icons
  • Excellent Lighthouse/PageSpeed scores
  • Accessible landmarks such as header, main, footer, section and nav
  • Outline focus indicator which works on dark and light backgrounds
  • Several aria attributes which provide a better experience for screen reader users
  • [].astro and [post].astro demonstrate the use of dynamic routes and provide a basic blog with breadcrumbs and pagination
  • 404.astro provides a custom 404 error page which you can adjust to your needs
  • Header.astro component included in the default layout
  • Footer.astro component included in the default layout
  • SkipLinks.astro component to skip to either the main menu or the main content
  • Navigation.astro component with keyboard accessible (dropdown) navigation (arrow keys, escape key)
  • ResponsiveToggle.astro component with an accessible responsive toggle button for the mobile navigation
  • DarkMode.astro component toggle with accessible button and a user system preferred color scheme setting
  • SiteMeta.astro SEO component for setting custom meta data on different pages
  • ".sr-only" utility class for screen reader only text content (hides text visually)
  • prefers-reduced-motion disables animations for users that have this preference turned on
  • Ships with many components such as Accordions, Breadcrumbs, Modals, Pagination and many more
  • A collection of utility classes such as breakpoints, button classes, font settings, resets and outlines in src/assets/scss/base
  • View Transitions (⚠️ see [astro-docs]( for accessibility considerations)