Astro DB

Fred Schott

For the last year, we’ve been building a fully-managed SQL database platform for Astro. Now anyone can add a hosted database to their Astro project in seconds with everything working out-of-the-box:

  • TypeScript ORM, included (Drizzle!)
  • Schema management, included
  • Schema migrations, included (automatic!)
  • Lightweight local development
  • Hosted SQL database for production
  • Fully integrated into Astro

Check out the announcement tweet and visit to learn more.

Deep Dive: How Astro DB works

Wondering what powers Astro DB? Astro Core Maintainer & Co-Creator Matthew Phillips has you covered. Read the story of how we built Astro DB and why we chose Drizzle, libSQL, and Turso to power this new stack.

Read: Astro DB: A Deep Dive

Case Study: The Astro Dev Portal

The Astro Theme Catalog got an update this week, and is powered by the official Astro Developer Portal! Submit, update, and publish your themes in the official Astro theme catalog all from a single, self-serve web portal.

Built with Astro DB! Forms, user authentication, and image uploads are all powered by Astro’s new hosted database platform to showcase what’s possible. Check out the launch post to learn more.

Read: The Astro Developer Portal

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