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The database platform for content-driven websites

Astro DB is a fully managed SQL database that is fast, lightweight, and ridiculously easy-to-use.

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Astro DB is a fully managed SQL database designed exclusively for Astro.

Powered by LibSQL

LibSQL balanced lightweight efficiency with proven enterprise-grade performance.

Scale with confidence

Astro DBโ€™s automatically scales up to meet demand and scales down to $0 when inactive.

Automatically configured

Everything is setup for you, like a TypeScript ORM with full type-safety out of the box.

Use Cases

Unlimited possibilities

Stop worrying about configuration, provisioning, and setupโ€”just start building. Unlock a universe of new site features with the only drop-in database designed exclusively for Astro.

  • // Configure your database schema
    const Comments = defineTable({
    columns: {
    authorId: column.text(),
    postId: column.text(),
    body: column.text(),
    published:{ default: NOW }),
    // Insert a new comment record
    await db.insert(Comments).values({
    authorId: "12345",
    postId: blogPostId,


Everything you need, included

Astro logo

Designed for the Astro ecosystem

A deeply integrated, unified developer experience.

List of common SQL keywords such as SELECT and JOIN


Why reinvent the wheel? Astro DB speaks the familiar, universal database language: SQL.

Code snippet demonstrating TypeScript autocompletion for a User schema

TypeScript ORM

Includes a modern, TypeScript ORM with type-safety and autocomplete on every query.

Export database

"Export data" button with a dropdown that says "Export as SQL" and "Export as CSV"

Zero lock-in

It's your data. Export it anytime, in the format you need.

Visual Data Viewers

Explore your data in a visual spreadsheet, a rich-text editor, or raw SQL console.

Illustration of a bable-based user interface, similar to that of Excel

Global Distribution

Create databases in 6 different regions around the world, including the EU and Japan.

A spinning globe with markers in 8 regions around the world

Schema management

Your schema lives in your codebase, with automatic schema diffing and migrations.

Instant local development

Develop locally with zero dependencies. No Docker? No problem.


Changes to data trigger webhooks that can integrate with most third-party tools.

GitHub Automation

Easy-to-use simplicity meets powerful scalability, with a visual UI that will save you time.


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    $0.001 per each additional 1M

  • Row Writes

    One million included, per month

    $1.00 per each additional 1M

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