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Showoff your skills with this tech-themed portfolio template and blog. Made with Astro, Tailwind CSS, and Keystatic CMS



Created by
Cosmic Themes

Save weeks of time and have a fantastic portfolio website to showcase your work in a snap.

Quantum is a tech themed portfolio site designed with developers’ needs in mind. It also has a built in MDX blog with tags so you can showcase your writing and connect with your audience. Built with Astro and Tailwind CSS, and integrated with Keystatic CMS for easy content editing.

With tons of features to make your life easy:

  • NEW Keystatic CMS integration for blog posts, authors, and other pages, with a great interface and rich text editor
  • Easy-to-use, with data and config files for important items on the website. You don’t have to go digging through thousands of lines of code to change the site title
  • Over 30 components to choose from
  • Built-in image optimization with Astro
  • Multiple pre-designed landing pages
  • Work experience, newsletter signup, tags, and socials sidebar cards
  • Projects, Uses, and Contact pages
  • Built-in MDX blog with tags support and markdown frontmatter validation
  • Expressive code integration for superpowered code blocks
  • RSS feed, legal pages, and a cookie banner
  • Scroll-based animations that are easily customizable, or can be disabled with a one-line config change.
  • Boring SEO stuff like OG tags, Twitter cards, and other metadata - already taken care of.
  • View transitions enabled, with a one-line config change to disable
  • Responsive - it’s 2024, of course it’s responsive

Keystatic CMS

Keystatic is included in this theme, allowing non-technical editors to easily edit blog posts, authors, and other pages. It is a local / git based CMS so all content still lives in your repo. Don’t want to use it? You don’t have to! You can easily just write in the MDX pages as normal.

Further Info

If you have any questions feel free to reach out at:

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