What's new in Astro - February 2024

Elian Van Cutsem

Leap into Astro news with a bonus February day!

Updates from Mission Control

  • We have a new channel on Discord #events, where you can share events happening online or in your community, post when you’re going live on a stream to get viewers, and more.
  • We discussed creating an ecosystem-ci similar to Vite and Volar for better communication about breaking changes in Astro updates with integration and theme authors.
  • We expanded the Astroverse to daily.dev: updates, releases, showcase items, and more. Another way to get your Astro news and interact with the community. Join our squad!


Save the date: Astro Studio launches March 12, and we have a whole week of festivities planned!

While you wait, catch up on Astro and Starlight core releases:


This month Docs added two new guide pages to docs on adding authentication and e-commerce options to your Astro project! These are two popular features that people ask about, and we wanted to provide some basic guidance to get you started.

Our weekly Discord call “Talking and Doc’ing” is a chance for you to watch Team Docs work in public, jump in a shared Codespace or Gitpod Workspace, and contribute to the docs live, together. This month’s topics included:

  • Part two of an epic PR to make docs URL paths consistent with the locations in the sidebar settings that included:
    • 📅 2 weeks.
    • 🕓 4 hours of live streaming.
    • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 10 people in the same shared codebase at once
    • 🗃 678 files changed.
  • Figuring out what a Starlight <Steps /> component might look like. Just an ordered list? We think not!
  • Exploring building in Astro’s native i18n routing features to the default Starlight template.


Welcome to our new Maintainers

Fryuni, Oliver, and liruifengv have joined Astro as Maintainers!

Welcome! 🎉

Community Awards January

  • 🌟 $500 to Florian for leading and supporting our integration builders, and contributing to all aspects of the Astro project and community.
  • 🍾 $250 to Oliver for shipping features in Astro core and providing helpful community support.
  • 🎈 $250 to Kevin for consistent contributions to Starlight development
  • 🎊 $250 to Happydev for tackling several Astro code issues, fixes and improvements.
  • 🎉 $250 to Glad777 for exceptional community involvement in support and docs

Check them out and learn more about the Astro Community Awards on our community website.



Because you can never get tired of watching and reading Astro Content.

Tips & Tools

The latest community-built utilities and integrations to help you build with Astro.

Themes & Templates

Several new Astro themes were added & released this month. Try them out!


All the community member websites submitted to our Discord #showcase channel and featured on community calls this month.

Starlight in the wild

Take a peek at the new Starlight sites that we discovered this month.

Want to be on this list next month? Post your Astro websites, projects, apps, tools, blog posts, demos, and videos in our #showcase channel in our Discord!