Storyblok Becomes Astro's Official CMS Partner

Fred Schott

We are thrilled to announce Storyblok as Astro’s official CMS partner, donating $2,500 each month towards the ongoing open source maintenance and development of Astro.

To celebrate, Storyblok is releasing the official @storyblok/astro integration. This new integration makes it even easier to connect Storyblok and Astro together with minimal developer configuration and setup required. Read the official announcement post to learn more.

Storyblok is the headless content management system (CMS) that empowers 86,000+ developers and content teams around the world to create better content experiences across the web. Pair Astro with Storyblok’s newly released V2 CMS to create faster websites using the tools your developers already love.

Here’s what Manuel Schröder at Storyblok had to say about Astro:

Astro is the ideal choice for content-driven websites, where fast load times and responsiveness truly matter. Building your website with Astro results in a much-improved UX while also providing a fantastic DX for new and experienced developers alike. At Storyblok, we are certain that it will have a big impact on the web development community and could not be happier about our partnership.

Manuel Schröder, Developer Relations Engineer, Storyblok

Storyblok’s open source sponsorship allows us to continue to develop Astro and support our open source community in a financially-sustainable way. You can learn more about how we use these funds by reading our document on GitHub and checking out our latest round of Community Awards.

Thanks, Storyblok!

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