Astro Contributor Awards: September 2022 Edition

Fred Schott

I’m thrilled to announce the winners of the fourth Astro Contributor Awards!

What are the Astro Contributor Awards? Every few months, we distribute 100% of our Open Collective sponsorship funds for an entire month to standout members of our community. These awards are peer-nominated within our Discord, and go to recognize the people who go above and beyond to improve Astro in any meaningful way.

This time around, our monthly sponsorships totalled almost $5000 which we are proud to distribute to the following recipients:

  • @agusmulet ($250)
  • @Percy ($250)
  • @kyosuke ($250)
  • @Λstroalex / Chrissdroid ($250)
  • @Eka ($500)
  • @kevinzunigacuellar ($500)
  • @ZV ($500)
  • @JuanM04 ($500)
  • @Randall ($500)
  • @Yan “Sidebar” Thomas ($500)
  • @Lloyd ($500)
  • @Hippo ($500)

Thanks to these standout contributors we have translated documentation, a battle-tested Vercel integration, a fantastic support channel, a friendly Discord community that everyone feels welcome in, and more improvements than I can list here!

If you have contributed to Astro in any way over the last few months, thank you. Astro is what it is today because of this amazing community. You can join us on Discord to learn more about these awards and the standout work done by this latest batch of recipients.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors — including Netlify, Storyblok, Vercel, and Google — for supporting open source software and helping to make programs like this posssible.