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A minimal, accessible, and SEO-friendly theme! Built with Tailwind CSS, MDX, TypeScript, and Sass.



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Introducing Astro's Insight - a beautiful, performant, and accessible blog template built with Tailwind CSS. This template is designed to provide a solid foundation for your Astro blog and help you create a stunning online presence. With its focus on accessibility, this theme includes dedicated accessible components such as a keyboard-accessible and responsive navigation, semantic HTML, ARIA attributes, and a visually hidden "Skip to content" link. Additionally, the theme comes preconfigured with a blog and dynamic routes, a custom 404 page, and several design system utility classes, patterns, and primitives, making it easy to customize to suit your unique style and brand.

Other features include SEO-friendly components, pagination, header, and footer components. With the Astro Icon package preinstalled.

For even greater customization, Astro Insight is highly customizable, from color schemes and social links. The theme is also fast-loading, with a perfect lighthouse score of 100 across the board. And, with content authoring capabilities in markdown, authoring your blog content has never been easier. With built-in RSS feed, excellent SEO, and more, Astros Insight is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a stunning and accessible Astro blog.