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Dokto - Doctor Appointments Landing Page

Dokto is a clean and modern HTML landing page starter built with Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS

Welcome to the Dokto starter, featuring Astro/Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS! This product is designed with best practices in mind, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience for your healthcare or medical business.


  • High design quality: Our team of designers has created vector assets with a focus on clean, modern aesthetics, perfect for any healthcare or medical business.
  • Best practices: We've included helpful guidelines and tips to ensure that you're using the theme effectively and efficiently.
  • Vector assets: All graphics are provided in vector format, allowing for easy scaling and customization to fit your specific needs.
  • Astro/Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: These powerful frameworks enable fast and flexible development, ensuring a high-quality end result.

With Dokto, you can be confident that your healthcare or medical business will have a professional and polished online presence.