What's new in Astro - November 2023

Elian Van Cutsem


Even with 4.0 just around the corner, this month saw several Astro releases!


The Docs team is working hard to migrate the Astro Documentation to Starlight! We have very good news for you! It’s coming next week!

To help you better contribute, we’ve added help - confirm behaviour and help - leave feedback to our list of PR labels to clarify where we need help. Open Issues and PRs have been freshly triaged and there’s lots to dive into.

Our weekly Discord call “Talking and Doc’ing” is a chance for you to watch Team Docs work in public, jump in a codespace, and contribute to the docs. This week’s topics included:

  • Test driving the new Astro Docs in Starlight
  • Reviewing and merging the completed French tutorial
  • Rebuilding the astro.build footer so we could link our new community website
  • Testing a new Starlight <Testimonial /> component
  • Building the Astro v3 to v4 upgrade guide


Community Awards October

  • 🌟 $500 awarded to Martin for significant core code contributions to the View Transitions feature.
  • 🥳 $250 awarded to JsPark for their work translating the Astro Documentation and Starlight into Korean.
  • 🎉 $250 awarded to Kevin for feature and documentation contributions to Starlight, and other community projects.
  • 🍾 $250 awarded to Florian for a significant presence and impact in Discord support.
  • 🎊 $250 awarded to Marijn for significant contributions to enhancing the Astro Discord bots.



🏃 Elian gave a speedy talk about “All Things Astro” and the Storyblok Advocate team gave a Astro workshop at CityJS Berlin.

🛍️ Check out this meetup talk about using Astro for e-commerce from Baptiste.

🪻 This month, Kathleen McMahon couldn’t get enough of Astro, MDX, and migrating from Gatsby. She did a talk at React Alicante and appeared on both the Podrocket podcast and Monthly Dev to talk about Digital Gardening with Astro.

🏝️ Ben had a chat at Monthly Dev: Island Architecture about Eventbrite from Scratch with Astro x Cloudflare workers.

📨 Chris Pennington released a new video “Using RESEND (email API) with Astro”.

🤩 Rachel Nabors gave our docs team and Starlight a shoutout at React Summit!



Starlight in the wild

The “State of JS” Survey!

It’s a survey to help understand what’s new, what’s old, and what async/awaits us in the years to come in the world of JavaScript and its ecosystem.

Fill out the survey!