What's new in Astro - January 2024

Elian Van Cutsem

2023 was a huge year for Astro, and 2024 is already shaping up to be even bigger. Let’s dive into the updates!

Updates from Mission Control


The first month of the year has already started strong with minor releases from both Astro and Starlight πŸ’ͺ!


New this month in both Astro and Starlight docs: dedicated community resource pages. Check out the community-produced educational content about Astro, and the growing list of Starlight content. Catch up on some of the classic talks, interviews, and streams you might have missed.

Our weekly Discord call β€œTalking and Doc’ing” is a chance for you to watch Team Docs work in public, jump in a shared Codespace or Gitpod Workspace, and contribute to the docs live, together. This month’s topics included:

  • Building a new <ReadMore /> component. After watching Chris build, everyone on the call then jumped in the code base to help find and replace all occurrences of our old β€œemoji + See more at this link” pattern.
  • Taking Lunaria, and its documentation, for a test drive. We started with a new Starlight project, and finished with a site with full translation status tracking!
  • File/URL structure organization. Soon, the URLs for all our pages will actually correspond to their sidebar section! How did we not break anything with 12 people in the codebase, moving files around and updating links all at once? 🫣


HiDeoo joins Astro Core!

For anyone following the development of Starlight, HiDeoo should be no stranger! HiDeoo has been working on Starlight for quite a while and introduced some amazing features, plugins and the starlight-blog theme.

Welcome HiDeoo πŸ₯³ !

Community Awards December

  • 🌟 $500 to @fryuni for outstanding contributions to Astro core and participating in all areas of the community.
  • 🍾 $250 to @100gle for their active involvement in translating the Astro Docs into Chinese.
  • 🎈 $250 to @thomasbnt for their active involvement in translating the Astro Docs into French.
  • 🎊 $250 to @vxoblope for helpful contributions to Astro Docs and active community involvement.
  • πŸŽ‰ $250 to @rishirajjain for contributing to the Astro ecosystem.

Check them out and learn more about the Astro Community Awards on our community website.



Because you can never get tired of watching and reading Astro Content.

Tips & Tools

The latest community-built utilities and integrations to help you build with Astro.

Don’t miss The Bag of Tricks for View Transitions πŸ‘œβœ¨ built by Astro maintainer @martrapp for an amazing showcase of view transitions demos and patterns. Find new animations and transitions to add to your project, and submit your own ideas!

Want to build your own Astro integration? Take a look at The Astro Integration Kit πŸ› οΈ built by Astro maintainer @florian_lefebvre. It provides you with an easy-to-setup template, complete with documentation, to bootstrap your new integration. Get building, and join the fun in #dev-integrations.

More tools we discovered this month include:

Themes & Templates

Several new Astro themes were added & released this month. Try them out!

Even more templates:


All the community member websites submitted to our Discord #showcase channel and featured on community calls this month.

Starlight in the wild

Take a peek at the new Starlight sites that we discovered this month.

Want to be on this list next month? Post your Astro websites, projects, apps, tools, blog posts, demos, and videos in our #showcase channel in our Discord!