What's new in Astro - December 2023

Elian Van Cutsem

From all of us at Astro, we’d like to thank you for spending 2023 with us!

We can’t wait to start the new year with you! But before we do, here’s what happened around the Astroverse this month…



Just in time for the end of the year, we released Astro 4.0!


The Astro Documentation is now running on Starlight!

We have also officially launched Astro Docs Docs (AD²) to help you contribute to docs! You’ll find all kinds of helpful information whether you’re making your first open-source PR or are already a seasoned member of Team Docs.

Our weekly Discord call “Talking and Doc’ing” is a chance for you to watch Team Docs work in public, jump in a codespace, and contribute to the docs. This month’s topics included:

  • Building a new header component for our integrations pages
  • Establishing a community Glossary project
  • Discussing best practices for writing helpful Changelog messages
  • Adding a mini-showcase with links to related themes on our CMS guide pages
  • Updating our integration docs to include MDX components and Expressive Code


Community Awards November

  • 🌟 $250 awarded to Atharva for significant contributions to Astro Docs and active community involvement.
  • 🥳 $250 awarded to McFlyPartages for translating a significant portion of the Astro Docs into French.
  • 🎉 $250 awarded to Hippo for exceptional work releasing, maintaining, and providing support for Expressive Code.
  • 🍾 $250 awarded to Eva Decker for actively supporting the Astro Community on Discord.
  • 🎊 $250 awarded to Jumper for being a super positive, welcoming and supportive presence in the Astro Discord.
  • 🎁 $250 awarded to Happydev for significant work on the Astro Core code base.

Check out current and past winners of our Community Awards and claim your own Astro Badge!



📺 Learn why Jason Lengstorf will choose Astro (almost) every time in 2024

🚉 See how a full site migration went in Nuxt 2 to Astro 3 Replatforming – from Setup to Production by @stevenwoodson

🧑‍🍳 Follow the recipe for Quick-and-useful: A DIY, self-hosted Linktree and Linkinbio clone with Astro and TinaCMS by @_seiryuu_

⚠️ Get some tips, because maybe You are using Astro wrong by @arshxcx

🚀 Welcoming a new astronaut to the spaceship! A great article to send to your Astro-curious friends: Launching a blog with Astro by @goulvenclech

📧 Learn how to use using RESEND (email API) with Astro in a new video by @chrispennington

🎉 Read all about A year working with HTML Web Components by @hawkticehurst

👀 Astro’s 6-hour Launch Week Community Call Deluxe is on YouTube hosted by @sarah11918

🛠️ Want to move from Jekyll to Astro? Read this post by @jack_jack_jack

🤿 Take a Deep dive on View Transitions blog post series by @Fryuni

🏎️ New to Astro? Check out this updated Astro Crash Course by Brad Traversy

🏁 Define the controlled rollout of your next feature by following Adding feature flags in Astro with Xata (showcasing View Transitions Forms) by @rishirajjain

🔢 See how to implement versioned docs with Starlight and Vercel by Lars Kappert

📄 Publier une documentation avec Astro Starlight (also includes a link to English version) by @thomasbnt

🧑‍🎓 Get early access to Chris Pennington’s project-based Astro course


New Astro themes released this month. Try them out!

Tools & tips

With the release of the Astro Dev Toolbar, we also have Dev Toolbar apps to showcase now!


Websites submitted to our Discord #showcase channel and featured on community calls this month.

Starlight in the wild

Take a peek at the new Starlight sites that we discovered this month.