Astro @ ViteConf 2023

Chris Swithinbank

ViteConf is this week: October 5-6! Grab your FREE ticket today and hear about amazing projects from across the Vite ecosystem.

Don’t miss the talks and panel discussions with members of the Astro core team:

  • Erika Introducing Volar

    A common framework for language tooling

    October 5, 8:34 AM PST

  • Sarah Rainsberger Stop writing docs; Start helping

    October 5, 2:07 PM PST

  • Sarah Rainsberger Community Panel

    with Brittney Postma, Tracy Lee, Anthony Fu & Matias Capeletto

    October 5, 2:48 PM PST

  • Fred K. Schott View Transitions: Fact vs. Fiction

    October 5, 3:30 PM PST

The event is 100% remote and free! So what are you waiting for? Grab your Astro-branded ticket now and we’ll see you there.