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September 9, 2021

Netlify Becomes Astro's Official Hosting Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Netlify has become Astro’s first corporate sponsor and official hosting partner, donating $2,500 each month towards the ongoing open source maintenance and development of Astro.

Netlify is the company responsible for kicking off the modern Jamstack movement. Today, their hosting + serverless platform is loved by developers around the world. Astro can build you a blazing-fast website, but you’ll always need a great host like Netlify to deliver that snappy experience to your users.

Here’s what Jason told us about Astro:

Astro is honored and excited to have Netlify as our first official corporate sponsor. We are grateful for the support of Jason Lengstorf, Cassidy Williams, and the entire Netlify team for their help and evangelism. It’s because of support from companies like Netlify that we are able to receive ongoing maintenance and keep developing Astro in an open, financially-sustainable way.

Our first integration with Netlify will be to add the “Deploy with Netlify” button to our official Astro starter templates. This will make it even easier to create new, hosted Astro websites in just a few clicks. Check out all of our batteries-included starter templates in the brand new Astro Theme Showcase.

Thanks, Netlify!

PS: If your company relies on free, open source software (hint: it almost definitely does!) please donate to support Astro and other projects like it. You can browse projects accepting funding on Open Collective, GitHub Sponsors, or by running the npm fund command inside of any existing npm project.

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