Astro Demo Day September Edition

Fred Schott

Astro Demo Day was today! We had 4 amazing talks, including one big announcement on the future direction of Astro. If you missed the livestream, fear not! You can see the full event on YouTube or watch the talks in any order by visiting the links below. Subscribe to the Astro YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss our next demo day. Today’s demos were:

As always, our Discord community brought the hype:

Messages from the Demo Day chat room on Discord

The next Astro release

Astro’s next release will be our biggest ever, featuring a new WASM-powered compiler plus a new Vite-powered runtime. You can expect a preview release on npm later today or tomorrow. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to polish the new code as we prepare for its official release!

If you haven’t already, follow @astrodotbuild on Twitter for more news and announcements, and join our Discord to learn how you can try out the new previous release.