Announcing the Astro Tutorial

Sarah Rainsberger
Chris Swithinbank
Dan Jutan

We hope you enjoyed Astro Docs Week, where our Docs core maintainers took control of the keyboard and our Twitter account! Each day, we posted a peek behind the scenes of life on Team Docs:

To wrap up the week, we are excited to share the biggest Docs project to date: our first Astro tutorial.

Hello, world!

There’s only so much you can read; sometimes, you need to build. In this first project-based tutorial, you will build all the basic pieces of an Astro blog from scratch.

Astro, like the web, is for everyone. It was important to us to make this tutorial accessible to those just getting started with coding. You can find guidance on setting up your dev environment and using the terminal to get started. You’ll even find instructions for completing the project entirely in the cloud. Pick your favorite online coding environment and go, even on a Chromebook or a tablet!

So if you wanted to try Astro, but weren’t sure where to start, check out our Build a Blog tutorial in Docs! And if you’re a seasoned Astronaut, you now have one more place you can send your Astro-curious friends.

Build a blog today!

We’re just getting started…

This tutorial is hot off the presses, and we’re looking for feedback on how to improve it. We also have new ideas for more advanced topics. Be sure to reach out to Team Docs on Discord to let us know what you’d like to see next!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved in this challenging project!

Sarah Rainsberger spent months planning and writing, always championing the gentle onboarding of the Astro beginner, new developer or non-traditional device owner.

This project required significant UI additions to our Docs site, from interactive components to navigation. Chris Swithinbank worked tirelessly to turn words into an experience. If you can click it, you can thank Chris for it!

We also had some helpful early feedback from community members. Thanks to all of those who’ve joined us on calls and contributed fixes over the past weeks. This, with Dan Jutan’s relentless editing, testing and error-chasing, helped focus and refine our direction.

Docs Week is over, but “Docs are never done”

Are you interested in getting involved with Astro’s Docs? Check out our Contributor’s Guide for the docs repo on GitHub or find us in the #docs channel on Discord. Join our team of writers, editors, translators, designers, coders, testers, builders, thinkers and dreamers. It takes a community to produce documentation, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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