Astro 1.0 Release Update

Nate Moore

Astro v1.0.0 has a new release date! We’re pushing back our v1.0.0 release to late July in order to make some final developer experience improvements to Astro.

Since we announced the Astro v1.0.0 Beta back in April, we have collected a ton of feedback from early adopters. We’ve used that feedback to fix bugs, upgrade our HMR handling, and vastly improve the overall developer experience compared to just two months ago. In the last month alone, our team has merged 129 PRs and closed 144 issues.

In order to deliver on the best-in-class developer experience that we promised, we’ve decided to delay Astro’s release until late July. We’ll be using this period to:

  • Invest in even more out-of-the-box performance optimizations
  • Improve error handling in our compiler
  • Deliver dev server improvements like more accurate stacktraces
  • Resolve incoming bug reports as quickly as possible

In the meantime, please continue to use the Astro v1.0.0 Beta Release, which benefits from all of these improvements with regular weekly releases.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop the best website build tool on the planet! If you want to get involved or share feedback with the team, please visit our GitHub repository and join us on Discord.