The Astro 1.0 Hackathon is Here

Ben Holmes

It’s finally here: The Astro 1.0 Hackathon!

  • 4 weeks (Submissions close on Friday, May 6!)
  • 100% remote
  • 3 awesome categories to compete in:
    • 🏆 Best New Astro Integration
    • 🏆 Best New Astro Theme
    • 🏆 Best New Astro Site, Built with SSR
  • 3 amazing winners will be chosen by judges
  • $15,000 in total prizes
  • Global: Everyone is welcome!

It all starts… now!

🚀 Visit for complete rules, categories, and judging criteria.

🏃‍♂️ Ready to get started? head on over to the #hackathon channel on our Discord to say hi, bounce ideas around, and kick this thing off!