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What is Astro?

Astro helps web developers build better websites in less time. Astro is an MIT-licensed, open source build tool that combines a modern developer experience with efficient, lightweight output. The end result? Beautiful websites that work great on any device, across any internet connection.

Astro launched 2021 and revolutionized web performance by integrating partial hydration -- a previously difficult-to-setup technology -- directly into the Astro runtime with built-in support for popular frameworks React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid.js.

In less than a year, Astro amassed a huge community of contributors and an even larger audience of 10,000+ users at companies like Google, Netlify, Trivago and more. Astro won the "Ecosystem Innovation Award" at last year's JamstackConf.

Our Community

Astro is an open source project powered by hundreds of contributors making thousands of individual contributions. You can see many of us on this page!

Open source means that all of our work is done in public, and anyone can get involved and contribute. Visit us on Discord and come say "hi 👋" to learn more.

Want to get paid to work on Astro? Check out open roles at The Astro Technology Company.